Buugeng History

The Buugeng story began in 1991 with Michael Moschen.
Michael Moschen, the inventor of these S-rods, is considered one of the world’s leading jugglers and one of the most visionary performing artists in America.

M. Moschen has performed as a solo artist at international theatre and dance festivals in Hong Kong, Perth, Edinburgh and Barcelona, among others.

The name “Buugeng” was chosen by the Japanese performance artist Dai Zaobab for this s-shaped prop.

The name is derived from the Japanese word Buu (martial art) & Geng (Illusion).

Since 2003 Dai Zaobab has been refining the Buugeng art.
Since 2016 he´s producing special “Contact Buugengs”.

Dai Zaobab appears with his Buugeng performances at international theatre festivals. See Showreel >>

The EBuulution:

The human evolution from the martial use of weapons (spear) to the learning of a peaceful art of movement 😉