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Buugeng Photo

Photo: Dai Zaobab / Facebook

Buugeng sticks are two S-shaped (approx. 80cm) high wooden sticks,
which are moved/turned with the fingers or by hand in such a way that they create optical illusions in the form of rotating circles/spirals.

By fusing the unusual form of the rotating movements, a visual kaleidoscope is created that leaves the eye in meditative amazement.

This unique prop creates an infinite number of amazing geometric patterns and optical illusions.  Buugeng revolutionizes the field of visual arts.

The name “Buugeng” was chosen by the Japanese performance artist Dai
Zaobab for this s-shaped prop.

The name is derived from the Japanese word Buu (martial art) & Geng (illusion).

Dai Zaobab – Buugeng – www.Metlili.net – Gili Air – 4K from Metlili on Vimeo.