Learning the basics with the Buugeng-Harlekin:


As a basis for spinning the Buugeng sticks there is once the

Finger Spinning
the turn with the whole hand –> Handspinning.

What is the difference between the two techniques?

The finger spins are more fragile and in my experience the buugengs fall down more often 😉 But the finger spin technique allows more forms of movement.

I myself learned the finger spin first.
But which technique to learn first, this is up to everyone, depending on their preference.




Finger spin video:

Finger spin description:
I have always been confused by the fact that I see the learning videos all from the front, while in reality I see my buugengs from the other side. Which is further complicated by the fact that some cameras take mirrored shots in selfie mode. (However, as I found out, the mirror function can be deactivated in the settings in the respective camera mode).

So here is a tutorial quite independent of the video above:

Starting position:
With the left hand, hold the tip of the nose upwards to the right, parallel and horizontally in front of the upper body.

First step: The index finger and middle finger are at the top of the handle.
The ring finger and little finger plus thumb are on the underside of the grip.

Fingerspin Step 1
Fingerspin Step 1

Second step: The ring finger and little finger move upwards.
All 4 fingers are on top and turn the Buugeng 90 degrees to the left, the thumb remains in the previous position.

Fingerspin 2

Fingerspin Step 2


Third step: Fingers (index finger + middle finger) move back up to the starting position and turn the Buugeng 90 degrees to the left – the thumb goes down at the same time (The Buugeng has turned 180 degrees)

Fingerspin 3

Fingerspin Step 3


The “2 fingers – 4 fingers – 2 fingers” movement then starts again and again.

If you have ever been a Funkemarie in your life and have learned a different finger-spin technique, you should use this technique 😉


Hand Spin Video:

Hand twist instruction:
It is best to mark the Buugeng Tip (I have a devil finger puppet – fixed to the Buugeng nose with cable ties).

Starting position: Stretch your arm forward at a 90 degree angle. Grasp the Buugeng stick loosely with the whole hand, the hand grips from top-inside to outside – no matter which arm is holding the Buugeng.
You will see on the back of your hand the thumb is at the bottom – on the other side from the index finger.

First step:
The Buugeng stick points with the marked tip up and forward and the curved side is parallel to the outside of your forearm.

Handspin Step 1
Handspin Step 1

Second step:
Tip: The marked Buugeng tip always turns inside parallel to the arm, the unmarked curved side always goes outside the arm.

Now turn the marked tip parallel and backwards towards the inside of the arm, so that you are looking at your index finger and thumb and at the marked end, which is now showing you its curved side.

Handspin Step 2


Third step
You now move the marked end of the buugeng with the curved side in front of your nose.

The hand turns forward again You look at the back of your hand again and the mark is again in front on the tip.

The hand rotation is perfect when the arm and the wrist remain in one place and only the Buugeng stick moves, rotating loosely between thumb and index finger.

Handspin Step 3
Handspin Step 3


Now I wish you: Happy Buugeng!
Your Buugeng Harlequin