Here you find Information about our #Boogeng2021 Challenge on Instagram

An Overwiew of all the Video-Entries is available here:

The Overview of the 15 Challenge-Themes can be found here:

Boogeng2021 - Themes Overview

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Good News: The Deadline for the Challenge is extended to the 24th of November!

So dear Buugengsters, we want you! Yes, you who is reading these words to join our Challenge-Party!

We want you

If the outside world is stressing me – I catch my Buugengs and play.

Creativity is a healer!

Or as this wisdom says:
If you are in a hurry: Go slowly!

How to participate in the Challenge?
Find inspiration in the themes and post a short (10 to 60 seconds) video on instagram.

To qualify, you need to:

-use #boogeng2021
-name the theme you are using
-mention all challenge organisers and sponsors in you description

Organisers and sponsors:
Buugeng/s-staff lab Discord

To complete, you need to post 7 videos by the 24th of november.


Boogeng2021 Challenge

Here some words from Lisa Champagne (@petit.pamplemousse.rose) for you:

“Hey, you! yes YOU! Orange you glad #boogeng2021 challenge is starting tomorrow? Last count down!
Between the 31rst of october and the 14th of november, we will post a new theme a day on #themesboogeng2021. To complete the challenge, you need to pick your favorite 7 themes and post a video of you doing buugeng being inspired by that theme!

Every person that complete the challenge will get a wonderful certificate made by Buugeng-Harlekin @freiheit_leben_2020 and a chance to win one of our prizes!”


Challenge Terms:

1) Film yourself playing Buugeng according to the given Daily-Themes.
Do at least 7 Videos from the 15 Boogeng-Themes to win a Prize.

2) Video Duration: From 10 seconds up to 60 Seconds.

3) Post your Videos on Instagram by using the Hashtag: #Boogeng2021
Mention all Challenge Organisers and Sponsors in the Video-Description:
Buugeng Discord

4) Deadline for posting the 7 Videos is the of November 2021 your local time zone.
Send us a Direct Message via Instagram that you have completed the 7 videos.

5) Since we also want to support our Sponsors and ourselves (Organisers) follow these Accounts on Instagram 😉

6) Normally I am not a fan of Rules and regulations. Especially when they make no sense to me.
If you regard one term as not appropriate in your case – break it and tell us why in a direct message to @freiheit_leben_2020  😉



#Boogeng2021 Instagram

COUNTDOWN: Two Days left to go wild with Buugeng on Halloween!

Here some more additional Info before it starts.


– How can I join the #Boogeng2021-Challenge?

Everybody who can post Videos on Instagram and is playing Buugeng in his videos is invited to join the Challenge.

– What is the Goal?

Every Day from 31tst of October until 14th of November a Halloween-Theme will be revealed on Instagram under: #themesBoogeng2021
All together there will be 15 Themes.
To win one of the Prizes you have to post at least 7 Videos from the 15 Themes with the Hashtag #Boogeng2021 in the Video description. Also add the Number of the Theme in the Video Description.

By using #Boogeng2021 your Videos will automatically be listed in a kind of Gallery together with all the other Videos using this Hashtag.
This Challenge is about creativity. To create a small Buugeng-Performance according to the given Themes. Video Length is up to one Minute.

For example: If one Theme would be: Scare a Scarecrow! Then you can build a Scarecrow and teach the Scarecrow how to play Buugeng in the Video 😉
How you play your Buugengs is up to you.

And the final Goal above all is: To unite people worldwide by playing Buugeng and by bringing Happiness, Creativity and Light into this world!

 – Which Music to use in the Videos?
We all might know the Copyright-Problems:
Here you can download license free Music directly without registering for free:

When you use these songs (also in a commercial way) just mention in the Videodescription:
Free Music by , Songtitle:xyz, @ronaldkah

Another Option recommend by @the_briney_depths :
(music most of it free, but you have to give the credit in the description of the video)





Boogeng2021 Challenge Sponsoren

We proudly annouce:
Boogeng2021 is now also sponsored by and! 

You can win one pair of Moons and 1 x Shaotic – plus Photos with Shaos Signature!
In case you don’t know Shaoatic and Moon:


If you can´t wait to get it: Have a look here:

We are also very grateful for the Sponsors of our Zoom-Prices:

@zaobab (Buugeng-Lesson)
@presentingJP (Magic-Lesson)
@kawhoops (Hoop-Lesson)
@MagicBallman (Buugeng-Lesson)
@the_briney_depths (Contact Ball-Lesson)
– Lisa Champagne (Buugeng-Lesson)
– Buugeng Harlekin (Buugeng-Lesson & Astrology Lesson)

Also from Germany is supporting us with:
– 3 pairs of LED Poi (Threeworlds )
– 3x Sil-X 100 mm ( Top for Contact)

If you want to start to learn Buugeng: You will find Buugengs for an affordable price (30 Euros) here (plus costs for international Shipping) –>—Levisticks/Akrobat-Buugeng—S-Staff-1678.html

For unbreakable High Quality Buugengs to throw and to do Contact-Buugeng visit: Dai Zaobab’s Etsy-Shop:
His Buugengs are my everyday Compaignons since August 2020 and they bravely endure endless times of falling onto the ground without breaking.

Stay tuned for more to come soon and Happy Buugeng in the meantime 😉


Boogeng2021 Challenge

Boogeng2021 Challenge!
Buugengsters:  Let´s celebrate Halloween!

From 31st of October until 14th of November 2021:
Every Day a Halloween-Theme will be posted on Instagram (#themesboogeng2021).

Your mission: To create a one minute Buugeng-Performance with these themes.
You can choose your seven favorite themes out of the 15 ones publicised.

You want to become a Sponsor?
You can contribute also with offering Zoom-Lessons as a Price.
Contact us:

Certificate offered to everyone completing the challenge.
Prices to be won. More to come.

Join and enjoy the madness!

Terms and Conditions so far:
One Halloween-Theme will be posted each day from 31st of October until 14th of November 2021 on Instagram at #themesboogeng2021

Choose at least  7 Themes from the 15 Themes and post them on Instagram.

Each participant’s videos need to be under 1 minute, posted on instagram and include the #boogeng2021 to be valid.

Deadline for submitting all 7 Videos is the 17th of November 2021.

Mention the Sponsor & Organiser Links.
(Sponsors  and the Organisers Links will be announced later)