Fascination: Buugeng

Buugeng TrainingBuugengs are more than just S-shaped wooden sticks: they enable a wide variety of movement sequences that are combined with the philosophy of the ancient martial arts.

Buugeng training promotes chi, muscle tone, self-confidence, concentration and creates a meditative feeling of inner balance and fascination.
And above all, they generate enthusiasm – be it with the trainee – or with the observers.

Two individual elements merge into one through the rotating and flowing movements.
They literally form a Yin and Yang symbol in motion, a mobile created by hand movements.

Especially in today’s fast-paced times, Buugeng training is a wonderful and healing method to bring body, soul and spirit into harmony.

Really everyone who has mobile arms and hands can learn this art of movement.

Especially children and young people react with enthusiasm when they see the spinning S-Sticks.

Especially in the digital age, where the smartphone consumption of children and teenagers is increasing more and more, training with Buugengs is a good alternative to lure teenagers back into the real, analog world.

Through the rotating, flowing movements, the entire organism literally gets back into the flow. Buugeng is truly an art of movement with flow factor.

I love Buugeng